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Similar to Neteller, Skrill, and Payoneer, Paxum is an e-wallet that provides financial services. This one is a Canada-based digital wallet offering various benefits to business transactions. It is one of the reliable modes of money transfer and receives for business personnel, who have to make millions of dollars in transactions.

Our service gives-

100% consumer satisfaction
Email and password.
100% full document verified
Verified Phone: Any Country Phone Verify.
NID (National Identity Number) or SSN (Social Security Number)
Bank Account Approved
Driving license passport or visa card used.
Passport number or passport card
Replacement is guaranteed within a short time
Money-back guarantee 100%


Buy Verified Paxum Account: the most trustworthy of all

Similar to Neteller, Skrill, and Payoneer, Paxum is an e-wallet that provides financial services. This one is a Canada-based digital wallet offering various benefits to business transactions. It is one of the reliable modes of money transfer and receives for business personnel, who have to make millions of dollars in transactions.

Paxum is fast, secure, effective, and does its job at the lowest cost possible. Unlike banks, they charge a fraction of the fees which can be considered insignificant when there is a million-dollar transaction. Your money can be accessed instantly without delay.

Even via mobile phone, no matter where you are, paxum makes transactions highly flexible. However, to gain that level of security and other added privileges, you have to buy a verified Paxum account.
What is the purpose of a Paxum account?Buy Verified Paxum Account

Though paxum is considered highly reliable for business transactions, it can be used for individual purposes too. People in the USA and Europe mostly rely on Paxum for fund transfers and transactions. So let us see individually what the offers that Paxum provides for both parties!

Buy Verified Paxum Account For Businesses:

· Huge wire transfer to your international clients
· Can transfer high EFT internationally
· Payment can be done to other Paxum users
· Payment can be received from another Paxum user
· Provides competitive charges
· Aids dedicated accounts for incoming dollar or euro payments

Buy Verified Paxum Account For Individuals

· Can set up an account to get payments from freelancing clients
· Can send and receive payments from paxum to paxum
· Provides multiple withdrawal ways with the Paxum prepaid credit card.

If you are a company based in the USA or Europe, then you might be facing problems paying your overseas workers or clients. In this case, Paxum helps you to get them paid in a jiffy with the lowest cost.”

Why Paxum is different from the others & why should you Buy a Verified Paxum Account?

Paxum is unique from its competitors in many ways. One of which is their exclusive master card that has exact similarity to any bank-issued master card required for international shopping or other payments. Their withdrawal limit for a day is also high, which is 10,000 euros that too with a verified account.
However, the daily transaction limit is also significant with Paxum. For business account holders, the daily limit is 25, 000 euros, whereas for individual account holders, it is solely 10,000 euros.

Another noteworthy feature of Paxum is its security system. Their website saves your account from any kind of intruder or hacker. Their verification method for account login is very strong and stable. Your personal information and money will remain in safe hands with Paxum.

Did you know Paxum and PayPal work in partnership? Hence, you can have transactions from Paxum to PayPal in no time. The process is swift, easy, and useful too. Since the majority of the countries support PayPal, this feature has proven to be highly beneficial for businesses.

These are some major reasons why you should consider taking services from Paxum. The commission fees of Paxum are usually very inexpensive which is $50. However, the rate of commission depends on the amount you transact.

Paxum Card Features and Details

Paxum credit card is the most hassle-free of all. The features of Paxum cards are imitated with that of a normal bank card. Hence, making it easier for you to understand the features. Some of the features that the Paxum card holds are:

· Provides instant withdrawals of money to your bank card
· You can make payment for the services worldwide
· Card issue and delivery at your doorstep is free
· You can transfer within the system
· Takes a withdrawal fee of only 1-2 dollars
· The Paxum MasterCard can be connected to your Paypal account

However, the card also holds other fees as well, which include transfer fees, card maintenance fees, fees for viewing invoices, etc.

Additional Features that Paxum holds for its members:

Thus far you already know how extraordinary the Paxum e-wallet is. To give exotic advantages, it holds some additional features for its members. Those are:

· Supports massive wire transfers internationally
· You can get local ACH and SEPA payments directly into your Paxum account
· You can have a local bank transfer facility
· Paxum is available in 50+ countries with 20+ currencies
· Your Paxum account can be used to send money to any other visa or master card in the world
· Worldwide ATM withdrawal can be done to shop from international markets

So, aren’t these additional features beneficial in every aspect?Buy Verified Paxum Account

What is needed to buy a verified Paxum account?

To buy a fully verified Paxum account, you need to be 18+ of age. Due to its easy conversion of currency and the cheapest conversion rate, people love Paxum. To get your account verified, you will need:

· Your original NID card scan copy
· Your photos
· Your permanent home address, valid phone number, and email
· Your utility bill copies
· Your bank account details

The verification time is only 3-4 business days But make sure you provide accurate info about yourself. If the information does not match your documents, then your account creation will get suspended.

Hence, now you know how important and beneficial an e-wallet like Paxum is. It’s cost of charging and high security make this trustworthy to its users. If you have an international business, Paxum will come in handy to you to maintain all your fund transfers. Similarly for the individuals, it does no less of its services.
If you still don’t own a Paxum account, then it is the right time you open and get it verified considering you are an adult. Even if you rely on PayPal, you can peacefully open Paxum thinking of the easy fund transfer and linking between them!

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