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Our service gives-

100% consumer satisfaction
Email and password.
100% full document verified
Verified Phone: Any Country Phone Verify.
NID (National Identity Number) or SSN (Social Security number)
Bank Account Approved
Driving license or passport or visa card used.
Passport number or passport card
Replacement guaranteed within a short time
Money-back guarantee 100%

Buy Verified Payeer Account: In details knowledge about Payeer

If you have used accounts like PayPal or Payoneer, then Payeer might seem like a bit of a hassle to you. However, Payeer is the most versatile finance support service that aids more than 150 payment methods with lots of local methods too. Payeer has been upgrading and adding new payment methods to its website since 2012.Buy Verified Payeer Account

With Payeer, you can accept, and send cryptocurrency and fiat currency to your account or website. To avail of these amazing offers, you need to have a verified account with Payeer. Interestingly, there are other advantages that you will get from Payeer, which are explained below.

What is the purpose buy a verified Payeer Account that benefits their users?

As we have mentioned earlier Payeer’s versatility in transaction methods. This means it gives you the ability to make payments or receive for different purposes from any part of the world. Every person both experienced, and beginners can find it easy to use. However, the usage might seem confusing at the beginning due to the presence of so many methods.

Payeer guarantees security to the highest level to their users’ personal information and finances. In the past, a lot of hackers have tried hacking some of the user’s accounts, but they have significantly failed.

Payeer has very competitive commission rates and allows multiple electronic transfers. You can instantly transfer money to another electronic wallet with the lowest fees possible. Payeer also provides a plastic Master card at the cheapest rate, which can be used for money withdrawal from any ATM in the world.

Moreover, Payeer does give a limit for daily withdrawal to control your expenses. The amount is $400 for every day. You can reload your wallet in multiple ways with Payeer as they have this advantage. This can be done with a Visa card or Master card, then with your local payment systems or with crypto-currencies.

Payeer is not a scam, but a loyal e-wallet for multiple purposes. Payeer has both kinds of services for business use and personal use. They are bound to attend to all the customers’ queries and solve issues and that is what they do. Their customer support service is quite strong.

Why we are different from the others & why should you Buy a Verified payer account?

The amazing services provided by Payeer are what talks for it. Since it was launched in 2012, Payeer has been one of the leading digital wallets. The most notable service of Payeer for which it made its place in this market was the advantage of sending money to a person not having a Payeer account.

In general, with these digital wallets, the receiver should also have the same account. But that’s not in the case of Payeer! You just need the valid email of the receiver to transact the money. This saves a lot of the receiver’s valuable time of having to open a separate Payeer account just to get paid.

Payeer is an excellent source of digital transactions for e-commerce businesses. You can simply Payeer module on your website or social media page and receive money instantly. On the other hand, Payeer’s master card comes at the cheapest rate of only $9 for its users with three years of validation.

Moreover, Payeer also gives a chance to earn. You have to join the affiliate program to attain this chance. You will get to know more about this offer on Payeer’s website in detail. Make sure you visit there. There is also an affiliate program from which you can earn commissions by bringing new users to Payeer. The more you bring, the better you will earn.

Buy Verified Payeer Account – Features and details

We have already mentioned how extraordinary is Payeer’s card features that aid you in withdrawing money from any ATM in the world, paying online or offline. For your convenience, there is both a virtual card and physical plastic card for you from PayPal. But there are some features that their master card holds.

– To order a virtual Master card, it will cost you only 0.5 dollars, whereas the plastic one costs $9 for one time only
– The cards activate instantly
– The plastic card validation for Payeer is 3 years
– They can be used to shop on eBay, Amazon, and other online shops
The daily withdrawal limit with the cards is $400
– The master cards can be replenished with USD, EUR, or cryptocurrenciesBuy Verified Payeer Account

Additional Features that Payeer holds for its members:

Although the mentioned features above are too good to be true, some extra features for Payeer might benefit you in several ways.
– Payeer allows you to pay utility bills too
– Has translation features for foreign users
– It has a limit on withdrawals, but not on transfers
– Charges no commission for transferring money
– Payeer offers very competitive exchange rate fees

What is needed to Buy a Verified payer account?

Having a verified Payeer account may not be as important unless you are doing an international transaction or receiving payments where the client wants your validity.
However, if you want to have a verified account, you will need:
– Valid bank account and bank statement
– Valid NID scanned copy
– Valid home address, email, and phone numbers

Before validation, the registration procedure of Payeer is very fast. Here you won’t need to fill out time-consuming documents and provide excessive personal details. To create the account you only need an email or phone number primarily. The basic wallet hence will get created within a few seconds.


In conclusion this, we want to say that everyone in this modern world should own a digital wallet like Payeer. This trustworthy system attains the best services for its users, which are scam-free. Users also get lifetime support from them regarding even the smallest of issues, also the unmatched benefits are worth having. We highly recommend Payeer as a method of secure and fastest fund transactions sitting at your home.


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