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  1. The USA based PayPal account 
  2. Verified with a trusted bank
  3. Verified with original SSN
  4. Verified with unique phone number
  5. Verified with Prepaid Card
  6. Full Verified Accounts
  7. No limit of Transactions


  1. Login credentials of new account
  2. Personal SSN
  3. Date of birth
  4. Bank account details

Buy Verified PayPal Accounts: a must-have

Out of all the financial sites you see, PayPal is the oldest one. It brought a revolutionary change in the online banking system and financial technology. In the late 90s, PayPal was invented to seek a solution to the paper wastage problem. After this, many online financings came and went.

It is the USA’s one of the largest online payment systems that now operates worldwide, except for a few countries. PayPal brought an end to traditional checks and money orders. Anyone can open a PayPal account with a few simple steps, and its verification process is even simpler.Buy Verified PayPal Account

Why would you want to Buy verified PayPal accounts?

PayPal is one of the most widely used digital banking systems in the world. Due to some of its extra helpful benefits, people can’t just stop using it. Nearly 346 million people worldwide are active users!

Paypal supports a lot of banks worldwide with innumerable foreign currencies. You can use PayPal for temporary transactions without even registering for an account. The site is free to use for both sender and receiver. Paypal is also known for its merger with many well-known accounting and CRM systems of the world. This helps to recognize financing better and serve their users with the utmost convenience.

The PayPal master card is similar to that of a bank! No extra hassle, or complex features to use it. You can withdraw money from part of the world. More importantly, PayPal does not charge annual card maintenance fees for the card like others.

The Payout feature in PayPal allows you to ten thousand people at one time! In Paypal, you can also add your personal bank details to pay with your bank’s money through it. Just add in your card details, transfer the money to your PayPal account, and pay. Alternatively, you can transfer money from PayPal to your bank as well.

Nowadays, PayPal allows businesses to accept card payments online. This is a newly added feature that not just has helped online businesses, but offline businesses too in many ways.

Not to mention, PayPal’s online security is of another level. Its one-touch login and saved database do not let the receiver know your details. Hence you can pay safely.

Why we are different from the others & why should you take our services?

While the modern time has brought so many other online financial services, then why should you rely on PayPal? Well, the answer is simple, PayPal has a wider experience of trial and error than others since it came in the late 90’s, plus it has a few additional features that are truly compelling.

Let us start with its establishment. It has made itself so upgraded from the competitors that from every small retailer to big, there is a payment option through PayPal. Even if you forgot to carry cash or a bank card, just use your mobile and pay for it!

Since eBay is the parent organization of PayPal, so you get an advantage when you purchase from there using PayPal. When you get the wrong product or late product delivery, then PayPal will make sure you get a refund, if you want. PayPal allows you to have OneTouch payments from the device and browser you log in to. So, for privacy concerns, you don’t have to log in by providing information several times.

PayPal has recently dropped an interesting feature where you can use it as a credit card for loan purchases, but without using a card. It means, you can purchase the products using PayPal but can pay later. In most shops, e-commerce sites, and service businesses you get a percentage of discount when you pay by Paypal; the rate varies.

PayPal Card Features and details

PayPal holds the most hassle-free and versatile Master card on earth! You won’t be charged for the card if you are a PayPal user. The master card is usable in every ATM in the world. It is a debit card to your cash plus balance in PayPal.

Some of the features of the card are:

– You need to have has cash plus account in Paypal to activate the card
– With this card, your daily withdrawal limit is $400
– The card is charged for international ATM withdrawal
– You can shop, eat, and travel with this card
– You can get your direct deposits with this master card

Additional Features that PayPal holds for its members:

PayPal has some amazing features that make it remarkable among its users. This will help you better judge the site.

· Paypal has a credit card reader
· You can scan barcodes with Paypal
· It allows wireless mass payments
· Has competitive debit and credit card transfer fees
· The cash card charges no annual fees
· Aids online invoicing for some time
· It is one of the top 100 accounting software

PayPal’s fast and easy payments overseas with just an email address make it one of the remarkable sources of financing for everyone.

About PayPal Fees

PayPal promises to be true to their fees, and they charge the fees depending on the number of variations. Whether you use your bank account, PayPal’s balance, or credit/ debit card. The fees charged also vary whether you are transiting locally or internationally. Moreover, there are fees for currency conversion too.Buy Verified PayPal Account

However, the exciting thing is that PayPal allows the money sender to decide whether the fees charged will be paid by them or the receiver. You are allowed to pay 10,000 people at a time without any monthly fees.

How can I pay with PayPal for shopping?

If you are a new PayPal user, then don’t worry. Using PayPal is just like using another app. It can be used via mobile or device and works for nearly every online and retail store. You will get instructions on the screen on how to proceed with the payments.

Fortunately, PayPal has partnered up with thousands of big or small retail stores and online shops. You can easily check out by making a payment just by clicking the symbol and paying instantly. You can see a list of many vendors and shops in PayPal by default that accept PayPal payments in different options.

If you have loyalty cards for any store, then you can add them to your PayPal to gain discounts and coupons while purchasing.

How does a seller benefit from PayPal?

When you are an international seller, you are recognized by 324 million users of PayPal. PayPal makes sure you can run your business smoothly with less hassle, so they offer you additional business toolkits. The toolkit contains banners and additional PayPal goodies which you can use on your website or social media pages.

Moreover, PayPal monitors your business 24/7. It takes care of all the fraud attempts, transactions, dues, and advances by/ from customers. PayPal has special seller protection features for these purposes. Also, if you face any issue, then there is a resolve center in which you can talk personally and get everything fixed.

Not only you but your customers are also protected by PayPal. There is customer protection and ‘free return shipping services’. Customers’ issues are also taken into account by the resolution center to have happy businesses.

What is needed to verify PayPal account?

PayPal accounts can be verified in the most cost-effective ways. Enter your sign-up credentials and start by creating an account. Then choose a verification method you would want. Then you will need some information like

· Your NID card
· Your valid passport, or driving license
· Your info like, phone number, email address, and others

But be sure you put all the valid documents, or else your account won’t be verified. You can scan the copies and use them as per the requirement.

The Cons of PayPal

If your account is unverified, then you will have limited transactions that are $10,000 on individual transactions. PayPal in general has loads of fees, which can add up and small retailers might find it expensive. Depending on the country, one must pay an additional amount to withdraw money to their bank account from PayPal. Though their fees are transparent, they are not competitive in some cases.

Yet another drawback of PayPal which can be proven as a possible disaster when sending large amounts of money is that PayPal frequently holds accounts without any notice. If you are living in the USA, then you will have to pay a transaction fee and an additional fee depending on the currency that you receive.


Finally, we would say that half of the financial problems will be solved if you own a PayPal account. It is one of the most reliable and secure services where your money and information will remain safe. You can transact internationally with PayPal, shop online, get paid by your international client, and many more. Therefore, spend a few minutes of your life and open a verified PayPal account.

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