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Are you looking for European Skrill and Neteller accounts with virtual Mastercard? Then, you have hit the right place. We can provide you fully verified Skrill accounts at a very reasonable price. If you are interested, you can take a look at the details.

Details of Our Skrill Accounts
  1.  Verified Neteller account (Identity + Address + Selfie Webcam )
  2. Document: Passport/Driving license/National Id cards
  3. Our accounts are based in the USA, UK & EU. (if you need other Countries to contact us)
  4. Phone confirmed and have access
  5.  Login information of email/skrill
  6. Bank Verified if you need
  7. No limitation of withdrawal or depositing funds
  8. Our account is fully verified.
  9. New account completely without any transaction history
  10. We offer 100% genuine account

Any country Neteller accounts service provider. We are the success on the lookout, here you will get 100% safe approaches to check Neteller accounts that you need


Buy Verified Neteller Account

Are you searching for a verified Neteller account? Here we sell verified Neteller accounts with full security and the best service. Using this account, you can make transactions in many currencies on many different sites and buy services and goods online and offline.Buy Verified Neteller Account

Neteller is one of the most popular payment systems of e-wallets for making secure and fast transactions. Using Neteller it is possible to transfer funds for businesses or individuals in a secure, fast, reliable, and simple way online. Neteller alone processes about a billion dollars’ equivalent transactions each year and that makes it the world’s one of the largest independent e-wallet payment systems.

For their secure, fast, and simple services, they are trusted in the whole world and they do business in more than 200 countries across the globe. At present Neteller allows to set up accounts in major 26 currencies. You can transfer money into your Neteller account using more than 50 ways including debit/credit card, visa card, etc. Money-transferring methods vary depending on what country you are in.

The deposited funds of your Neteller account can be used for paying merchants or sellers, you can directly pay to another Neteller account holder or you can use the Neteller card to spend it anywhere that accepts a MasterCard.

It is very easy to withdraw and deposit funds in your account or from your Neteller account. The primary target of Neteller was the forex industry, gambling industries, and trading to make it easy for them to invest money in a faster and more efficient way than others.

For those who want faster access to their fund and efficient and effective money management for them, Neteller is quite ideal. Since 2015 Neteller has been operated by a British payment company named Playsafe Group.

How safe is it to Buy a Verified Neteller Account?

Neteller has been in the e-wallet for about 20 years now. At present Neteller is being operated by the Playsafe group and the company is highly reputed. They are also authorized by FCA.

As the company is FCA authorized they hold the money in a trust account which makes it even safer and without any doubt or delays you can access your account and make transactions. Neteller is very safe and the risk associated with your money is near zero.

To make it even more secure, Neteller uses edge SSL encryption on its website, Two-Factor authentication for secure login, and for the VIP account holder, Neteller gives a 100% guarantee of no fraud.

Advantage of Buy verified Neteller account

For betting and trading, they have a very fast and efficient money management system
Due to the fast withdrawal and deposit service you get money faster in your account than other payment methods within the whole world

Using its peer-to-peer transfer system you can send money to any Neteller account holder you want
As they support multiple currencies you can trade internationally without any additional fee
Secure and safe money transferring without any worry of getting fraud
Its card allows access money to for online and offline spending
Neteller Card
From Neteller, you can have two different types of cards- prepaid MasterCard and Virtual MasterCard.
The prepaid MasterCard
Using the prepaid MasterCard from Neteller you can spend your deposited money from your Neteller account anywhere that accepts MasterCard. You can also withdraw cash directly using an ATM from anywhere in the world just like any normal debit/credit or visa card.

So using this card you can make a transaction to any online site you want. Also, it is possible to buy products and services offline as well as using this MasterCard. Neteller prepaid card support eight different currencies-

  • GBP
  • USD
  • EUR
  • JPY
  • AUD
  • DKK
  • CAD
  • SEK

Prepaid MasterCard Fees & Limits

Buy Verified Neteller Account

The prepaid card fees and limits are given below-

  • Fees Limits
  • Making payments in offline and online is free
  • Costs 3.99% for foreign exchange
  • £8 for prepaid card order and delivery
  • Costs 1.75% withdrawal fee on ATM
  • £8 for lost or stolen card replacement 10 withdrawals in every 24 hours
  • £650 withdrawals in every 24 hours
  • 50 purchases in every 24 hours
  • £1950 in purchases in every 24 hours

Virtual Prepaid MasterCard

If you want, you can issue virtual cards from Neteller for making online transactions. So you can make transactions on online sites without actually holding a plastic card.

One of the key benefits of having a virtual card is that you do not have to pay even a single penny to get this card. It is free of cost. And you can use this card after doing the registration of the Neteller account. Neteller also allows you to own 5 virtual cards and if you want they all can be in different currencies.
Virtual Prepaid MasterCard Fees & Limits
For virtual cards, the limits and fees depend on the verified and unverified type of account.
For unverified accounts-

Buy Verified Neteller Account

  • Fees Limits
  • The first card is free
  • £2 for every additional card 4-lifetime purchases are allowed
  • £130 in purchases in every 24 hours
  • £ 520-lifetime maximum

For verified account-

Fees Limits
The first card is free
£2 for every additional card 10 purchases every 24 hours
£4550 in purchases in every 24 hours
30 purchases every 4 days

£7000 in purchases in every 4 days

Neteller Fees

  • No deposit fees for $20,000 or equivalent
  • For bank transfers, Neteller charges $10
  • Merchant site payment is free
  • 1.75% ATM withdrawal charge
  • 1.45% for transferring within Neteller
  • 3.99% charge for foreign exchange
  • For VIP members foreign exchange charge is 1%
  • For an inactive account to reactive Neteller charge $5

Why should you buy a verified Neteller account from us?

  • We are providing you a fully verified Neteller account with full security, at a reasonable price and the best service.
  • You make our website interface very simple and user-friendly so that you can buy your desired account by doing just a few clicks.
  • To make sure your account is fully secured you can change the account’s password and recovery email.

We’ll provide you a verified account with a photo ID so without any worry of losing the money you can make transactions with full security. Also, the proof of the address will be given to you. Also, the account will be ready to use.


Neteller is an e-wallet payment system with top-class security and fast services. Using a Neteller account you can make the transaction from anywhere in the world with many different types of currency. But you cannot use all its features until the account is verified. Verifying the Neteller account is a bit of a hassle. For a hassle-free and fast service, you can buy a verified Neteller account from us at a very reasonable price.


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